If the client requests additional services that are not covered by the original contract of engagement, you must document both the additional benefits and fees and obtain the client`s consent. Note that the court may further review the revised or amended agreements once the confidential relationship is established. b) Words that refer to the singular include the plural and vice versa; Words that refer to individuals or individuals as entities and vice versa; References to documents or agreements also mean that documents or arrangements are changed, reissued or replaced, and words indicating gender include all genders; (e) Relationship between the parties: nothing in this agreement constitutes the relationship between social or employer relations and labour relations between the parties and the express intention of the parties that such relations be denied. An engagement letter is a written agreement describing the business relationship that must be concluded by a customer and a company. The letter specifies the scope of the agreement, its terms and costs. The purpose of a letter of commitment is to meet the expectations of both sides of the agreement. I retain the right to digitally block or protect my intellectual property (including images, content or other works) that are created under this agreement to protect my intellectual property rights. Please note that if this contract is terminated, I am not required to provide you with intellectual property. If you do not make the payment as requested in this agreement, I can terminate that contract, in which case there will be no license and I am entitled to sell or concede the use of that intellectual property to another person.

During the engagement, I can provide you with material subject to intellectual property rights. I retain all intellectual property rights (including moral rights) of all works I create related to the project, including branded boards, guides, packaging drawings, images, illustrations, logos, graphics or other written or visual works. Nothing in this agreement will result in the transfer of such rights. (c) titles are inserted only for the comfort of the parties and should not be taken into account in the interpretation of this Agreement; If clients do not return an engagement agreement, it can cause potential problems and confusion as to whether you are really their lawyer. To combat this, if you sign the commitment agreement to the customer instead of having them signed while they are in your office, you should specifically specify that the provisions (including the tax) are valid only if the contract is signed within a specified time frame and specify that if the agreement (and the retention tax) is not received within that time frame. You do not have to represent the customer.