In the run-up to an election, the government is not in a position to make political announcements, so details of the upcoming pilot will not be confirmed until after the general election. If further details are confirmed, they will be right to buy on the government`s website: righttobuy.gov.uk. You can declare your interest on the government`s website, righttobuy.gov.uk Five housing companies have the right to sell voluntarily (VRTB) – these programs were closed in October 2016. The Fall 2016 declaration announced that the government would fund a large-scale regional RTBR pilot project for tenants of housing companies. After some delay, the fall 2017 budget announced that this pilot project would be implemented in the Midlands with $200 million in public funds. Tenants must apply on the VRtB government website midlands.righttobuy.gov.uk obtain a single reference number (URN). No date has been announced for the full introduction of VRTB. The 2017 government said the Impact of the Midlands pilot would be assessed before deciding on next steps in the policy. Detailed information about VRTB can be found in the library document: introduction of a voluntary right of sale for tenants of housing companies in England. The voluntary agreement provides that housing companies offer to sell the property in which they live to tenants, and this is the case in most cases. In the last general election, the government pledged to extend the right to buy to tenants of housing companies across England in a national system. When the national system is in place, tenants in the region and outside the pilot region can apply for a government purchase rebate. The latest information on the national system can be found on the government`s website, righttobuy.gov.uk.

The government`s right-to-buy website allows interested parties to sign up for notifications: Click on the „Housing Company Tenant“ link at the top right of the page and fill out a pop-up contact field. The rebate is developed in the same way as the legal right of sale for council tenants. For more information, click here: righttobuy.gov.uk/right-to-buy-calculator/] Housing companies are working with the government to meet their obligation to extend the right to sell to their tenants. Since it is a voluntary agreement that is not regulated by law, it is called voluntary sales right (VRTB). The government has promised to advance this commitment in its election platform. An important part of the housing companies` agreement with the government is that, because they will receive total compensation for each home they sell, they will replace each home sold with another affordable home and further stimulate the country`s housing supply. Last year, housing companies provided 40% of all new housing in the country. You can visit righttobuy.gov.uk to talk to one of the government`s rights over agents or to sign up for emails. The agreement of a tenant who does not wish to buy must be obtained before applying for the purchase of your home. You should sign part G of the application form.

Your rent ends when you buy the property. The national voluntary right-to-purchase program has not yet been implemented. Once launched, information on how to apply for a government rebate is confirmed as part of the application process. For program updates, you can visit the government website, righttobuy.gov.uk, and sign up for the newsletter by email.