v) At the request of a firefighter and upon receipt of a medical examination of the pregnancy, the firefighter transfers the firefighter to another position within the fire department or in mutual agreement with the association outside the fire department. The worker performs the delegated duties during the pregnancy and receives her regular salary while working at work and in the course of these duties. NEXT CHARITY MEETING Date: 14 December 2020 Time: 10:30 a.m. Time: 18922 88. Ave. Union Office 2. iii. Maternity leave. When an employee becomes pregnant, she submits a letter from her doctor to the room indicating the approximate date of birth.

She can work according to her doctor`s recommendations. The worker takes leave up to six months after the date of delivery or up to one year in case of medical complications due to pregnancy I childbirth. The employee can return to work with the consent of her doctor. The employee returns to her old classification/post without loss of seniority. A pregnant FIRE FIGHTER woman must submit to the fire chief the medical examination of this condition as soon as possible and no later than sixteen (16) weeks of pregnancy. After receiving a medical examination of the pregnancy, the Fire Chief must transfer the firefighter to another brampton Fire and Emergency department as soon as possible. This worker assumes the assigned duties and receives his regular salary while he is working and performing these duties. Click below on a place name to get the language of the contract for the standard contracts of that jurisdiction. A pregnant employee is not obliged to operate a video display terminal against her will and this employee has the right to change work without pay, seniority or otherwise. A member of the pregnant tariff unit may request delegation to a non-hazardous task within the department by filing the request with the human resources manager, accompanied by a certificate signed by the health care provider of the member of the negotiation. (vi) During maternity and parental leave leave, the city continues to pay premiums for medical services, extended health, dentistry, group life and accidental death and dismemberment.

Harmless obligation: a task in firefighters where the pregnant employee is exposed to non-bloodied or air-borne pathogens, hazardous substances, combustion products or strenuous physical work. (B) The city and firefighters recognize pregnancy as a normal event in a woman`s life and therefore define this policy to implement the introduction of new service allowances for pregnant workers. As soon as the city has been informed of her pregnancy, the employee is given birth on request and on the obligations of oppression. The worker has the option of being assigned to the modified service or starting to use his or her leave period. This obligation is attributed to his current salary for the hour worked during a 40-hour week. The rate unit member remains in this task safe until the member of the tariff unit is no longer disabled due to a pregnancy or related illness and his or her doctor certifies that he or she is able to return to their regular employment. 2.01.04. Maternity leave should be requested in writing as soon as possible, but no less than six (6) weeks before the start of maternity leave. The employee presents the city with a medical certificate with the scheduled delivery date.