A Hong Kong extradition law, introduced in April 2019, led to one of the largest protests in the island`s history, with 1 million protesters joining the June 9, 2019 protests. [52] They took place three days before the Hong Kong government`s plan to circumvent the comitology procedure and pass the controversial bill directly through the legislature in order to expedite its approval. [52] Extradition cases are relatively rare, but often controversial. Many in Australia are following the case of the former head of government in Melbourne, Malka Leifer, who is currently under house arrest in Israel. Leifer is wanted on 74 sexual assault charges against Victoria for extradition to Victoria. Any formal request for international extradition based on federal criminal information must be reviewed and approved by the OIA. At the request of the Department of Foreign Affairs, formal applications based on state royalties will also be reviewed and approved by the OIA before being submitted to the Department of Foreign Affairs. Extradition requests on behalf of the Republic of India can only be made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Indian Government, which formally forwards the extradition request to the state required through diplomatic channels. Extradition is not possible at the request of the public. Although the effective defence of extradition is limited, the fugitive may delay a decision through procedural challenges. The determination of unpredictability is often subject to examination or vocation. Predicting the time it takes to bring a person back to the United States is difficult and depends on the circumstances of each case and the practice of the foreign country concerned. Risk of suicide: Cases where the person is at risk of suicide have also invoked section 8, since the public interest in extradition must be taken into account in light of the person`s risk of suicide during extradition.

In the case of Jason`s extradition from Latvia, extradition was refused for these reasons because the crime for which the person was wanted was not sufficient to predominate the high risk of suicide, which had been considered an existence for the individual at the time of his extradition. [39] If a refugee is arrested only after a long period of time, a prosecutor may be required to bring to justice an application for violation of an expedited constitutional procedure if the extradition has not been requested or if the government has not actively taken other steps to return the fugitive to the United States. Any decision to prosecute or not to follow extradition or any other preventive detention for the fugitive should be documented in order to prepare for a possible request for a speedy trial. In a limited number of cases, Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights was invoked to prevent extradition. Article 8 states that everyone has the right to respect for their private and family life. This objective is achieved by taking into account the potential damage to privacy and the public interest in maintaining the extradition regime. [13] Although this section is useful as it provides for an extradition ban, the threshold for complying with this prohibition is high. [13] Article 8 expressly provides that this right is subject to restrictions in the interests of national security and public safety, so that these limits must be balanced between that right.