In addition, they can help increase traffic for your offers and be used with sponsored brand ads to increase your conversion rates. Note that you can now add users to your brand registration account, for example. B a registered agent. So you don`t have to worry about new workloads! „I just signed a contract to remove unauthorized sellers with a brand. They have trademark records. How can I do that? As Amazon continues to work in new programs to woo products sold directly on Seller Central, you`ll probably see other ways to help you maximize your sales and control your presence on Amazon. Yes, each country has its own registry, so you have to promote it separately. Thank you Sergei! You can also apply for a UPC exemption – to learn more here, > www.webretailer.com/b/amazons-new-upc-policy/ Amazon has slowly added to the tools available to trademark owners to make the prospect of selling on Amazon Seller Central ever more tempting. No, trademark registers do not help brands control the distribution of authentic products. This article is the first in a series that will explore the many facets of the Amazon Brand Registry and its services.

If you want a quick overview of services, read our article: The Magnificient Seven. In this blog, we consider the nuts and screws of a brand registration in the Amazon Brand Registry program. We will then have the brand with which we work, cut off the supply of this seller in the future. As you can see below, Amazon explains why this site address is essential. You will use it to check your branded property. Always use your own registration and as soon as you have access to the program, you can add other sub-users to your brand registration account. These services go beyond protection and allow the active advertising of a brand and its products in the Amazon market. I`m a lawyer. My client signed a form authorizing a third party to act as a brand manager in amazon Brand`s registry. The customer now wishes to revoke this authorization.

How can we do that? You can then add agents as representatives of your brand and give them access to brand registration tools. Amazon Brand Registry is a program that helps trademark owners protect their intellectual property through trademark, copyright and patent protection. Trademark registration does not limit who can and cannot sell your brand and does not help you control unauthorized resellers. Don`t let someone try to sell you their services, tell you anything else! Amazon Brand Registry aims to protect your brand. The end result is that disoriented consumers would mistakenly purchase an imitation product and be disappointed as soon as they received their products, because they did not come from the brand they trusted. This deception can have a negative effect on the brand in the minds of consumers, even if an imitation manufacturer is the one who acted fraudulently. Amazon has innovated its trademark registry program to improve the protection of trademarks owned and registered by its sellers. The Amazon Brand registry program requires more sellers than the previous version of the program, but is intended to make the online marketplace that works fairer, safer and more trustworthy for consumers and sellers.