My proposal with a warranty or service contract is always to consider your options. All these warranties and plans have a decent amount of small print that you don`t really need to read to see if it`s good for you. Look at what the coverage offers and do some research on what the services covered would actually cost you if you were given a fair price. The only reason these plans seem financially sound is that they are primarily based on excessive service costs. Beware, Audi Care does not cover the maintenance evacuation system performed by after-sales or external service stores. As a broken high school student, James was part of the „Vehicle Maintenance School“ If it doesn`t break, don`t correct it. In our Audi service, we follow your scheduled maintenance visits and do our best to remind you when your next service is due. So you get all the savings from Audi Care and Audi Care Plus. And if you have any more questions, we have an Audi Certified Service Advisor at your disposal to help. If your vehicle is rented, you are obliged to wait for your vehicle when service is due. Since you have to do the maintenance, it`s an absolute no-brain to enjoy the benefits of savings! If you buy Audi`s maintenance plan, you may wonder if your next four maintenance visits are covered: My proposal with such a service contract is to always consider your options. For basics like oil change, it`s not as hard to make yourself as you might think. Audi Care is available for the 2008 years of purchased or leased models, or newer Audi vehicles, and 2008 model year or new used Audi certified vehicles purchased or leased from an authorized Audi dealership in the United States.

Audi Care covers all 10,000 miles, from 15,000 to 45,000 miles, the maintenance services recommended by the plant. Audi Care Plus is available through Audi dealerships authorized for each 2007 model year and newer certified Audi vehicles at each mileage or 2007 model year and newer Audi vehicles sold as new or used and that have reached 40,000 miles or more. Audi Care Plus was designed for Audi drivers, who value the long-term value, and covers all the schedule maintenance services needed by the manufacturer at 10,000 miles, from 55,000 to 75,000 miles – the recommended intervals in the factory. Buying the Audi Care Maintenance Plan offers many advantages. After your first free service of 5,000 miles, Audi recommends maintaining your vehicle every year or 10,000 miles depending on what happens first. With maintenance visits that cost between a few hundred dollars and more than six cents, the Audi Care Maintenance Plan can save you a lot of money. Our financial service advises you on the precise savings for the year and the model of your vehicle, but on average, you save about 50% by purchasing the Audi Care plan. If your vehicle is funded or you purchased the vehicle directly, maintenance is your responsibility.

But remember that there are many advantages to regular maintenance of your vehicle: `Only participating dealers.` – Audi strongly recommends performing a maintenance service within 1,000 miles (before/after) of the manufacturer`s maintenance interval, as stated in the Audi Warranty – Maintenance booklet. However, Audi pays for any covered maintenance service provided outside these parameters if the service is performed within the time frame set by the Audi Care contract for the covered plan. Audi does not pay under any circumstances for standard maintenance services performed outside the time frame set by the Audi Care contract for the covered plan. Maintenance work that has not been completed within five years of the vehicle`s initial service date is excluded.