This section presents all the bilateral exchange relations that currently exist for the automatic exchange of CBC reports between tax authorities. The update also contains a list of legal systems that have existing agreements with Taiwan, but the Taiwanese tax authority is not in a position to acquire CBC reports in accordance with such agreements. This list is unchanged from the previous list, with the exception of Japan`s withdrawal. The number in brackets behind each jurisdiction in the drop-down menu indicates the total number of bilateral exchange relations currently activated in relation to that jurisdiction. If, for a given jurisdiction, the number of exchange partners cited as sending CBC reports to the jurisdiction is greater than the number of exchange partners designated as recipients of cbC reports under the jurisdiction, this can be explained by the fact that a number of these partners are „non-reciprocal jurisdictions“ (i.e., they have committed to sending CBC reports to their trading partners, but do not receive cbC reports from their exchange partner). This page is regularly updated as other jurisdictions activate their bilateral relations. Taiwan will continue to actively negotiate the exchange of cbC relationships with publicly traded jurisdictions and will provide updates to the list. Note – The Taiwan CBC reporting obligations apply from fiscal year 2017, with the first CBC reports due december 31, 2018 (previous coverage). Local submission of CBC reports is generally not necessary if an effective CBC exchange agreement with the parent`s jurisdiction is signed prior to the closing of the cbC report. However, the founding companies are also required to file a CBC return under the standard tax reporting requirement (at the end of May for the end of the calendar year). Since cbC reporting is not yet effective for publicly traded jurisdictions, Taiwanese voters should be required to present themselves or another group entity in Taiwan as a reporting entity for the year, but may make a change as soon as the CBC exchange with the relevant jurisdiction is effective. In addition to the legal systems with which the cbC exchange is not yet effective, the communication also specifies that Taiwan is able to exchange cbC relationships with New Zealand and that local notification for constituent companies with a New Zealand parent company will not be necessary, except in the event of an exchange error.

In the event of an exchange error, the constituent unit has one month to file the cbC report after registration. 2. CBCR submission rules (1) What is the threshold? The multinational`s consolidated profit the previous year was NTD 27 billion or more. (2) Who should run? i. If UPE is in Taiwan, UPE should submit cbcr. ii. If UPE is not in Taiwan, UPE or the surrogate parent company should submit cbCR to its tax administration. However, if the CBCR could not be obtained through exchange of information (such as the tax contract, information exchange agreement, etc.), subsidiaries of multinational corporations (or one of the related companies) would have to file in Taiwan CbCR. (3) How can one submit? Please see the link (tax.nat.gov.tw) of the e-filer payment service and taxes of the Ministry of Finance, download and install the e-filing system for Master File and CbCR.