In addition, the contract should list all expenses deducted from the event proceeds, such as event and door staff costs, flyer design costs, advertising and advertising costs, organization fees, lighting or sound equipment costs, insurance, event security costs, stage staff costs and appropriate royalties for public performances. As a person who does not have the „educate“ part of my performance as a pillar, I play a lot of bars. My experience with the owners has been very good overall. I used email, text or Facebook to communicate, so there is a written track when there was a payment issue. However, I wonder if playing without a contract is like driving in a car without a seat belt – „I was until I was well… As for the extension cord, I was in nursing homes where we glued the cord to the floor or spun through chairs so it could not be penetrated. I often had to stop what I was doing in the middle of a sentence to keep people from getting close to the rope. It`s different for me than for you – my program is much more like a classroom, and everyone knows it`s not written, so anything can happen. First, you should contact the person with whom you have reached the agreement and see what can be politely crafted. If your contract says you must arbitrate before arbitration, you may need to start this process. If you have a contract and cannot reach an amicable solution quickly, you may need to send an infringement notice. This indication actually indicates that a page cannot stop its end of contract and describes how. If the contract is important, you may need to seek additional advice from a lawyer. If the venue is small and the payment was minimal, you may be able to make creative compensations, such as free meals, advertisements or additional (more profitable) concerts.

Yes, I have a weather clause in my contract. In principle, it is said that the performance of the music can be affected, including interrupted or interrupted due to weather problems, and there is no refund made for weather problems. We also don`t plan automatically or start later, waiting for a storm to pass…. But there were a few small gigs where hail or tornado in the area meant what piracy meant – no one would want to go out anyway, and since we had no obligations after that (maybe it wasn`t always the case), we stayed inside with all the guests. For all our outdoor gigs, it is necessary for the customer to provide a backup location inside as well as shade. 5. All conditions must be taken before the signing of this agreement and must be specified. This contract and the conditions it contains may be applied by the buyer or performer. This is not usual for small locations, but popular groups with full schedules may require a down payment to guarantee their services.

Most of the time, the down payment is not refundable, but deducted from the amount after the benefit. Again, a very useful and timely contribution! I come to the role in my musical „career“, where I will need a contractual spine!! That is exactly what I had to read today. I agree with what Dave says. If you missed another opportunity to work and expand your audience because of this refusal, it hurts. It`s worth asking if this is a working relationship you want to stay in. Not sure that`s entirely what Rob gets, and I`m not a lawyer, but in my own contract, I have a „limitation of liability“ line that states that the sum of all claims against the musician or musicians is limited to the sum of the sums that the buyer has already paid.