First, the complainant requests formal consultations with the other WTO member country (or the countries involved in the dispute). All such requests for formal consultations must be communicated to the WTO Dispute Settlement Body (DSB), which is made up of representatives from all WTO member states and manages dispute settlement rules and procedures. b) When a body finds that the cases in this paragraph are dispute resolution issues other than those covered in this paragraph, the body sends a report on those issues to the dispute resolution body and a separate report on the issues under this paragraph. Since its inception in 1947, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), signed by the United States and a total of 128 countries, has provided for consultations and dispute resolution procedures between the GATT parties. A party may invoke Articles XXII and XXIII, the provisions of the GATT for consultation and dispute resolution, where it considers that another party`s action, acting against the GATT or not, nullifies or affects the benefits earned to it under the agreement. In the absence of specific dispute resolution mechanisms, the GATT parties have developed a more detailed procedure, including ad hoc panels and other practices. However, over time, the GATT procedure was considered to have some shortcomings, including a lack of time, a consensus decision allowing a disputed part of the GATT to block the establishment of a dispute resolution body and the adoption of a panel report by the gaTT parties as a whole. , as well as negligently monitoring and implementing the panel`s reports, even though GATT reports were adopted and had the status of a formal decision. perceived. The settlement of trade disputes is one of the essential activities of the WTO.

A dispute arises when a member government believes that another member government is violating an agreement or commitment it has made in the WTO. The WTO has one of the most active international dispute settlement mechanisms in the world. Since 1995, disputes have been settled in the WTO and more than 350 judgments have been issued. Explanation: The annexes to the WTO agreement contain all specific multilateral agreements. In other words, the WTO agreement contains all the agreements concluded under the Uruguay Round. The references to the WTO agreement in general in this guide therefore contain all of these rules. However, the WTO agreement itself, when isolated from its annexes, is a brief agreement containing 16 articles that define the WTO`s institutional framework as an international organization. Specific references to the WTO agreement (for example. (b) Article XVI of the WTO Agreement) refer to these rules. 3. In setting up a panel, the dispute resolution body may authorize its chairman to establish the mandate of the proceeding in consultation with the parties to the dispute, under the provisions of paragraph 1.

The mandate thus established is assigned to all members. If non-standard provisions are agreed upon, each member can address any point in the DSB.